APTECH SYSTEMS QLMS  (Qualification Learner Management System) is a complete awarding body management system that complies with the UK Ofqual frameworks (QCF & RQF). QLMS automates key business flows from registration processing to qualification certification in its end to end automation. The ability of our QLMS system to keep track of statistics about enrolment changes, assessment scores and other measures helps ASL’s clients comply with QCF and RQF regulations. QLMS automatically compares each student’s assessment record with pre-defined credit values, taking into account complex rules about which subjects a student must be tested on to get the right combination of credits, and ensures that a student’s choice of units comply with the QCF or RQF requirements.

AO Admin & Learner Management
  • Learner qualification, unit and assessment tracking
  • Separate Admin Web Portal module to monitor the web activities
  • Fully automated desktop application
  • RPL policy and control
  • Document management
  • New centre request approval
  • Adminstration of complains, appeals and remarking
  • Centre sanctions and management
Centre, Admin & EQA Portal
  • WebPortal - Online registration and certification with web interface
  • Integrated assessment booking system for paper based exams
  • Exam, teaching, admin site and satellite centre management
  • Centre and centre personnel management
  • Centre approval, re-approval and monitoring
  • Result upload, submission and moderation
  • Centre alert, request, risk management and messaging
Reports & Automation
  • API and webservices to integrate with external systems i.e LRS, PLR or MIS
  • Automated notification and integration with assessment software such as QuestionMaker, BTL, Cirus
  • Risk assessment, centre monitoring, centre approval, Visit reports and assessment criteria
  • 70 plus In build reports and report designer
  • Assessor/IQA and EQA management
  • In-build Ofqual, bath data and external reports
Qualification, Unit & Assessment
  • AO activity management & audit tracking
  • Qualification, unit and Assessment definition and certification
  • Qualification aproval, allocation to centre & centre personnel, audit and tracking
  • Certificate design per qualification and centre
  • Delivery of RQF, QCF, NQF and other qualifications
  • Integration with accounting system and Region based invoicing

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