APTECH SYSTEMS LIMITED is a software development division of AMCO (FM) LIMITED. Amco (FM) Limited established in 1988 as a supplier of IT support and development services to a wide range of market sectors. The organisation was initially formed as a specialist maintainer of mainframe computers and still retains some of the original contract customers. Since then the company has expanded its portfolio of services to cover all aspects of IT support and development. AMCO's portfolio of services can only be matched by organisations much larger than AMCO. This expansion of the business required AMCO to restructure and align with a changing business environment and to help and support its valued customers. Hence APTECH SYSTEMS was formed to serve the strategically important arm of the business, Software Development and Total IT solution.

At APTECH SYSTEMS, we believe that custom software should be developed and designed to exactly match and complement your business requirements. We have years of experience delivering solutions that fulfil business requirements to gain that all important competitive advantage that you won't find with a packaged solution. We believe in providing varying aspects of Information Technology services and products to businesses throughout the UK and Europe. Our aim is to work with you to establish the solutions suitable for your particular needs, to provide value for money and to maximise your business potential to the full. As a company we offer a number of IT services, which include Internet Website Development, a Web based Performance Review System, 360 Appraisal System, Learning Management System, Registration Management System, Consultancy Services, Computer Training, tailor-made software and much, much more.

To find out more about us, please contact us on 01462 896959 or click here